Health & Insurance

Health facilities

Taylors College can help you if you feel unwell. We have staff trained in first aid and a medical room if you are feeling sick.

Medical insurance

Having medical insurance to cover all your medical, specialist and hospital costs is compulsory for all international students. Taylors College offers StudyCare insurance which will provide you with fully comprehensive protection including: medical emergency and repatriation, emergency help line, travel cancellation, course fee reimbursement, lost and delayed baggage, personal liability and personal accident.

What if you suffer from an injury or accident?

If you have an injury from an accident when you are in New Zealand, you will be covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). ACC provides 24-hour, personal injury or accident cover for all New Zealanders, including visitors to New Zealand.

ACC have access to a FREE telephone interpreting service called Language Line. It operates from Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm. When you contact ACC either in person or face to face, just ask for Language Line and your language (for example: Language Line, Mandarin). Language Line is available in 35 languages.