Your welfare is our top priority.  We know that by studying and living abroad you will be making a major investment in education and your future.  It is vital that you are secure and safe during your time abroad.

What is StudyCare?

StudyCare is a comprehensive insurance plan administered by OrbitProtect and is underwritten by IAG New Zealand Ltd, one of New Zealand's largest insurers. 

StudyCare has been designed specifically to offer you comprehensive protection and support throughout your studies.  From the time you set off to the moment you arrive back home, you are free to concentrate on your studies, secure in the knowledge that you have a level of insurance cover second to none.  With StudyCare help is always just a phone call away.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it compulsory for me to have insurance?

If you are studying in New Zealand, the Government requires you to have medical and travel insurance.

How do I take advantage of the cover?

New Zealand students are automatically invoiced at the time of enrolment unless you can provide proof of alternative cover.

StudyCare is not offered in Australia.

What will I receive as proof of my cover?

Your Study Group invoice will show that you have been charged for insurance. You will also receive a Certificate of Insurance which will show your StudyCare policy number and the 24-hour OrbitProtect assistance emergency telephone numbers if you need help while travelling.

Who do I contact to make a claim?

You should contact your Student Services department who will advise and help you to make your claim and to deal with OrbitProtect. 

Am I covered for pre-existing medical conditions?

You are NOT automatically covered for pre-existing medical conditions.

However, cover can be arranged in certain circumstances for a small additional premium of NZ$40.

What is included

Below is a summary of the most important features. Please read your policy in detail to make sure that it suits your needs - if you wish to check anything before you buy your insurance, you can download the full policy document.

Medical Expenses NZ$
Medical expenses Unlimited
Evacuation/return to country of origin if you become disabled Unlimited
Other persons' travel and accommodation costs to travel to be with you 100% to plan maximum
Funeral and cremation, or returning remains to your country of origin Up to $100,000
Home nursing care whilst disabled Up to $50,000
Emergency dental treatment Up to $1,500
Cash allowance whilst in hospital (after 24 hours) Up to $100 per day to maximum of $3,000 in NZ and $10,000 overseas
Accidental death Up to $25,000 ($10,000 if under 16 years)
Property NZ$
Property is covered for its replacement cost ("new for old") irrespective of age. Clothing and footwear that are more than 12 months old are settled on a depreciated basis ("new cost with a deduction for wear"). The maximum value per item you can specify is NZ$10,000. The limit of the total valueof all items specified is NZ$30,000.

Up to NZ$10,000 plus specified items. Maximum cover on any item, pairs or sets of items is NZ$3,000 without specifying. 

Loss or damage of personal documents Up to $2,000
Theft of money Up to $1,000
Disrupted travel cover NZ$
Additional travel and accommodation costs if travel plans are disrupted by strikes, weather, etc Up to $10,000
Purchase of essential clothing and toiletries if all luggage is delayed for more than 6 hours Up to $200
Addtional costs incurred on early return home Up to $100,000
Missed connection costs Up to $10,000
Loss of deposits NZ$
Cancellation of travel and educational arrangements Up to $100,000
Personal liability NZ$
Legal liability for accidental death or injury or property damage Up to $2,500,000

How much does it cost?

  • Please refer to the 2016 AFY Brochure.

  • Key Excesses

    Item                                           Excess
    Property                                      NZ$150
    Personal liability                            NZ$50

    *Prices subject to change