Pre-arrival Checklist

Print the following checklist and tick off each section to make sure you're ready for your trip.

Have you...

  • Applied for and/or obtained your Student Visa? 

Student visa details
Student visa number:

Expiry date:

  • Booked your flight? 

Flight details
Flight number:

Departure date & time:

Arrival date & time:

  • Arranged to be met on arrival? 
Phone number to call: 
  • Arranged your accommodation? 


Accommodation details: 


  • Had a dental check up? 
  • Had your eyes tested or glasses made? 
  • Had your immunizations?

Immunized for: 


  • Obtained 3 certified copies of your academic results? 
  • Obtained copies of your passport & visa? 
Passport number: 
  • Acquired the necessary clothing? 
  • Prepared a budget of your cash equired for the first 2 months? 
  • Arranged for money to be available to meet your tuition fees?