Chang Yew Low

2012 AFY Graduate
Home country:
University: Currently studying a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Auckland

I had always wanted to study overseas. Having completed high school, I decided to come to New Zealand to continue my education. I had many positive AFY recommendations from friends, and that’s why I decided to study there.

The environment of the Auckland Foundation Year is a very friendly one. Teachers are accessible and extremely helpful. I have learned to ask more questions, and approach the teachers with questions; this helps me to learn more quickly. It also makes classes more enjoyable.

During the Auckland Foundation Year, I developed essential foundation skills for my university course. For example, the classical studies class provided me with knowledge about the ancient greek civilisation, which helps me today in my Architecture history class.

Success to me is trying to improve as a person, becoming better at what I do and being more efficient. Figuring out my skills and reaching my full potential. Studying AFY at Taylors College provided me a path into university life, allowing me to learn and reach my final objectives.

I am currently in my third year at the University of Auckland, studying an Architecture degree. My day to day time is spent in the Architecture studio, learning and perfecting my craft.