Nicolas Torres

Home country: Columbia
The University of Auckland, Bachelor of Commerce (Management and International Business)

What I liked most about Taylors College

Firstly, I made heaps of friends from different parts form the world; it is amazing to meet people from other cultures with different beliefs and customs.

Secondly, I really enjoyed my relationship with the teaching staff at Taylors College; they were helpful at all times, and very concerned about our progress throughout the course.

Now that I am at university I can see that going through Taylors College was a great idea because it helped me to get ready for university and adapt to learn subjects in English.

What I like most about university

I really like the way the university directs first year students. During the first year you have to take core papers such as Economics 101 or Accounting 101 which give you an overall idea of what each major looks like. It gives you some time to decide and make the best choice.

My advice for Taylors students

Well, I advise you to study hard in your subjects because you will need the knowledge offered by the course later when you start university. The programme offered by Taylors College is called “foundation”, if you don’t get that foundation right, you are likely to struggle at university.

Why I recommend Taylors

Well I would recommend it because I had a great time there. I met some of my best friends there, whom I study today with for my university tests and exams. I also found my teachers really friendly and helpful when I needed further explanation. I also received great support when I had to decide which university to go to, they gave me a great picture of all my options and helped me with the whole process to get in.

Why I love Auckland

I really enjoy the fact that there are people from everywhere here. It is a multicultural society that receives foreigners with open arms. Also Auckland has amazing beaches and places to visit.

My future plans

I want to work for a medium to large size company here in New Zealand or in Australia in order to get some work experience. Later I will probably go back to my country and start my own business.