Stefani Angelina

2013 AFY Graduate
Home country:
Currently studying a Bachelor of Communication at AUT

I always wanted to study abroad, to start a new chapter. I chose the Auckland Foundation Year for its great reputation in helping students get a spot in leading universities. After having gathered a lot of information about studying in Auckland, AFY came across as the best pathway to my dream university.

Teachers genuinely care about students. They make sure you understand the subjects and they provide a conducive environment to support students’ progression in their studies.

Besides studying, I also made a lot of new friends with people from different backgrounds. Coming to a new country where everyone is a stranger was hard for me at the beginning, but now I have people I cherish. I know I am not alone and they are one of the greatest support in my life.

AFY is not just a place to accumulate knowledge, but is also a place to build connections, to make great friends and learn about other cultures. You can say that AFY provides you with a master key to open doors, leading you to a lot of new experiences.

Success to me is having a comfortable life doing something that you love. I don’t want to get stuck doing something I’m not passionate about for the rest of my life. AFY helped me gain access to the university degree that I wanted and it has been a big stepping stone towards a successful life.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Communication at AUT. AFY introduced me to what university life would be like in New Zealand. Through introduction to the New Zealand culture and style of learning, AFY helped me to adjust to a new country whilst also improving my English. Ultimately, I became more comfortable living and studying in New Zealand, boosting my performance in my studies once I arrived at university.