Liang (Sunshine) Lai

2005 AFY Graduate
Home country:
University: The University of Auckland, Bachelor of Science
Postgraduate Diploma of Science
Master in Bioscience Enterprise with Honours
Product Development Technologist, New Image Group, New Zealand

What I liked most about Taylors College
Taylors College really helped me adapt to Kiwi Life in my first year in New Zealand. All the teachers were extremely helpful. These preparations significantly helped me achieve my future study at University.

What I enjoy most about my job
It is a great job! I can use my science knowledge, business skills as well as my Chinese background to help the company to grow its business. Particularly, I feel happy to help my company export quality New Zealand dairy products to the Chinese market.

My advice for Taylors students
Studying overseas is not a easy decision. However, it is important to enjoy these difficulties and taste the “bitterness” during studying overseas. This is a crucial part of becoming a better, grown-up person.

Why I recommend Taylors
Taylors College is a great place to start your life in NZ as a student.

Why I love Auckland
Multi-culture, food, scenery…

My future plans
To become a business manager in a New Zealand corporate.


  1. Winner of Spark Entrepreneurship Prize 2011
  2. Scholarship from Ministry of Science and Innovation, New Zealand
  3. Top National Prize for New Zealand Student Poster Competition at NZBIO Conference