Tam (Julia) Nguyen

2009 TELP (English Language) Graduate
2010 AFY Graduate
Home country:
Studying at The University of Auckland, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance)
Works as a Library and Welfare assistant (part-time) at Taylors College

New Zealand- perfect for study
New Zealand is such a great country and it is a really good place to study and provides us a perfect English-speaking environment.

Why Taylors English Language Programme (TELP) was the right choice
Choosing Taylor’s College is definitely a great decision that I have made so far. First of all I have improved my English language skills, especially when I was taking the TELP program. Initially, I thought that it would be better if I could have started studying the TAFY program straight away but I was not confident about my English; therefore I took the TELP program for 5 months. Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as I found it was so useful and helpful for my study of TAFY.

How TELP helped me to be successful
The TELP program is specifically designed to provide language training for academic study. This program focuses on the key areas of language studies such as writing styles, note taking, assignment writing, intensive listening and reading, and social communication. Also, I could feel each teacher there understands the needs of international students. They are very friendly and helpful. They are people that I can feel very comfortable to speak to, who listen and take the time to help me. They have encouraged me to follow my dreams and worked with me on developing my skills to make sure I become a confident student who will succeed at university. Teachers are so important and they helped me to be successful in my foundation studies.

I have enjoyed the time at Taylors College so much. I would highly recommend Taylors College to any of my friends and the last thing I want to say to newcomers:

Don’t be scared of the new environment, you just need to study and enjoy!”