Taya Salem Alsaiari

2010 AFY Graduate
Home country:
Saudi Arabia
University: Massey University, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics)

University  Highlights
The good thing about studying at the university is that you meet new people from different nationalities where you can learn more about their culture. Also doing group projects with other students eases the pressure of the papers. More brains are better than one.

What do you enjoy most about Auckland or New Zealand?
New Zealand is a safe and nice country. It has wonderful landscapes and beautiful climate with too much rain, but still like heaven to me compared to my country’s weather.

Best thing about Taylors College
Its teachers are charming and really friendly. I really miss my time at Taylors College. Good memories J.

What next?
Well, I am not sure. When I finish my degree I probably will continue studying for a PhD in the US. Who knows J.

Top tips to prospective Taylors students

  • A successful student should have a diary to manage his/her time and make a balance between his/her study and social life
  • Taking advantage of activities at Taylors which have their benefits on Students’ performance
  • Your studies should be top priority