Vo Thuy Tien

2010 AFY Graduate
Home country:
AUT University, Bachelor of International Hospitality Management          

What I liked most about Taylors College

  • Friendly environment
  • Caring teachers who always brought me helpful lessons and advices.
What I like most about university
  • Practical (internship, cooperative education, studying in kitchen/restaurants)

My advice for Taylors students

  • Spend time studying by yourself (especially in libraries for the best environment to concentrate on your studies)
  • Be social and open-minded to make friends and ask for help when needed

Why I recommend Taylors

  • Useful lessons and tutorials
  • Kind and caring teachers
  • Friendly environment
  • Good reputation

Why I love Auckland

  • Peaceful
  • Good climate (fresh air)
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Friendly people

My future plans

  • Graduating my bachelor degree
  • Getting a nice job in the hospitality industry (a famous-hotel manager ^^)
  • Studying a Master degree
  • Going back to my home country and contributing to its hospitality industry