Yan Ting Sindy Lee

2011 AFY Graduate
Home country:
University: Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance) student at the University of Auckland

Before coming to Auckland, I was studying in a Secondary School in Hong Kong. I decided to study AFY because I fell in love with New Zealand when I first travelled to the country, around five years ago. New Zealand is an amazingly clean and beautiful country with stunning landscapes and friendly citizens.

The passionate staff at AFY were always a big motivator for me to study hard. The warm and friendly atmosphere on campus helped me to adapt to the new environment.

The central location of the campus offers students many multicultural events to join all year long, which is also a great asset for those who want to enjoy the best of New Zealand.

I was awarded first place in Economics, Classical Studies and Accounting. I also delivered the graduation speech and was a member of the Student Council.

To me, success means on-going self-improvement. Never stop learning, never stop achieving. The Auckland Foundation Year helped me to find my passion for learning, and I believe that passion is key to my success today.

I am now completing my Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics and Finance, at the University of Auckland. I am also tutoring Economics students, passionately helping them build up knowledge and achieve their study goals.

Throughout my years at uni, I have not only been active on social projects, but also on professional events, such as business competitions and networking meetings. In short, I have been a pro-active student, gaining many different experiences which have enriched my university life. I am confident this will help me build a strong career in the near future.