Coralie MartinTaylors AFY staff member

AFY English Teacher

My work involves:

As well as teaching English, I have responsibilities as a Mentor Teacher and have been assisting with the Career Development programme as needed. My background is in Language and Literature, having studied these at the University of Auckland and taught them over a number of years.

Before coming to Taylors College, I taught English, French and Japanese in schools in New Zealand and Japan. I love the way the AFY English course is focused on specific skill sets that the students will need in their university studies, no matter what they choose to major in. A good example of this is the Research Project, a major unit of work incorporating planning, research skills, preparing a written report and oral presentation. However, I think my favourite aspect of the course is the literature component, which gives students the opportunity to exercise critical thinking as well as widen their knowledge of different cultural experiences..

My top tip for learning:

My top tips for learning are mainly about attitude – know why you are here at Taylors, maintain your focus and be determined to achieve your goals. Also, take every opportunity to speak English..

My top tip for enjoying life in Auckland:

My top tip for enjoying life in Auckland is to get involved in your local community as much as you can. Make the effort to get out and meet local people: join a sports or hobby club, or volunteer with an organisation. Not only will that help you to settle in to your new life in Auckland, it will also support your English learning.