Miriam BissettTaylors AFY staff member

Tertiary Counsellor

My work involves:
My role as Tertiary Counsellor at Taylors College puts me in the privileged position of being able to watch our students arrive at the school, graduate and pass through into the university of their choice. It brings me such joy to see students succeed in their diverse fields including areas such as engineering, arts, technology, hospitality, business, science, and of course many others. All staff at Taylors are immensely proud of our current cohort and our alumni.

I help students to choose their subjects at Taylors to provide them with the opportunities they want to pursue, and then aid them with their applications to the University of Auckland, Massey University, and AUT University. Any information they may need on university courses or requirements I am happy to provide and I enjoy encouraging and advising students in their pursuit of their university qualifications and future careers.

I also teach Classical Studies; I completed my doctorate in ancient Greek art. Classical Studies is a subject which is relevant to everyone because it is focused on understanding and gaining empathy for people past and present. Greek tragedy and art, as well as Roman history are some of the popular and fascinating topics we cover in our Classical Studies course.

My top tip for learning:
Ask questions! Make an effort to really engage with the material, your teacher, and your classmates. The more you put into your lessons, the more you will gain in grades and enjoyment.

My top tip for enjoying life in Auckland:
Use the weekends for exploring Auckland’s beautiful parks, beaches, shopping precincts, and restaurants! We have some of the best food in the world here – it’s time to enjoy it!